Little Krimminals

Since 2011 Little Krimminals has been an exhibition series dedicated to the topic of typography and art. Curated by Sara Bernshausen, literary scholar, Barbara Krimm, graphic artist, and me, the series examines the intersection of both disciplines and questions: When does typography serve solely graphic purposes, and when is typography art?

Three times a year, Little Krimminals turns to the diversity of artistic genres, illustrating the diversity of the theme through the works of artists and graphic designers. For each exhibition at StudioKrimm an edition and a catalog are published. Since 2019 Little Krimminals takes place twice a year in public urban space.

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Lena Marie Emrich
Friederike Feldmann

Tommy Støckel

Edition: Pavel Büchler

Booklet: Nanne Meyer

Hannah Rath
Nasan Tur

Selma Alacam

Edition: Jonathan Monk

Anne Kathrin Ahrens & Sarah Bohn

10 Years with Björn Streeck
Lisa Herfeldt

Alexander Wagner

Hanne Lippard

Larissa Fassler